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Join Kindred

Have you had genetic testing done for breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancer? 

We want to talk with you about your experience.

Who is eligible? African American adults,18 or older who have received a positive result from genetic testing for breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancers within the past 5 years.

Participants will receive: For your invaluable contributions, each person completing the survey and group discussion will receive $40.

The name of this research study is Kindred. The purpose of the Kindred study is to improve the support we provide to African American families when they talk to each other about cancer genetic testing and their risk of getting cancer. We want to learn from people who have received a positive result from cancer genetic testing. We will be talking with study participants in small discussion groups (focus groups). The groups will last for approximately 75-90 minutes. You will also be asked to take a short survey before the group meets. The groups will meet at a convenient time and be held on Zoom (use of video is optional).

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